About Tune To The Moon

Tune To The Moon is committed to supporting a circular and local economy and to helping women connect with the lunar cycle and their natural cycle to bring power and balance in their day to day life.

All Tune To The Moon products are ethical, sustainable, beautiful, high quality and where possible made in Australia and compostable. 

Founded by Nadiah Christensen, an Australian designer and mother based in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Nadiah has worked as a creative director in the apparel industry for almost two decades, having founded a men’s intimate apparel business in 2006. Before that she worked as a graphic designer.

Depleted from paid work and parenting, she searched for a different way of living and using the ancient Celtic lunisolar calendar as inspiration, began tracking her energy throughout the lunar cycle and her menstrual cycle.

With this awareness she was able to reshuffle her diary so at certain times of the month, she would do more and other times do less. This led to profound change in energy and mental clarity.

She began making a lunar diary for herself in 2020 and was encouraged to make it available to friends and family. Now all women can use this beautiful diary to connect to cycles.

Nadiah Christensen

"The modern world expects and rewards high productivity all the time, but as in all natural cycles, there is a time for rest and renewal."